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Diseases of aging

How to understand your disease of aging : ageless man

It is remarkable to note that  testosterone secretion decreases regularly as from 50 years (download pdf) (and sometimes even before)  in parallel to the progression of diseases of aging.

The life maintenance system

Sexual problems

Cardiovascular diseases 

Brain involution

A foundation of the life maintenance system

Prostate diseases

Arteriosclerosis, Aterosclerosis, Hypertension, Gangrene

Parkinson disease

Testosterone and ageing illnesses

Bone-articulations illnesses

Hyper coagulation


Gh (growth hormone), DHEA, thyroxine, cortisone


Varix, Hemorroids, Thrombosis.


Testosterone and metabolism


Renal failure

Treatment of andropause disease

Maturity onset diabetes

Skin atrophy

Immunity Problems, AIDS and Cancers.

Errors of treatment in andropause disease


Vision and audition troubles

Respiratory impairment


Transformation of the silhouette


Nervous depression

Bibliography of recent publications on  hypogonadism in aging male

Anti aging

Alzheimer's disease

History of andropause disease


The expressiom "andropause disease" corresponds to a terminological

use of collocations
The main symptom is the progressive decrease of sexual activity in the elderly man (andropause)
This symptom may be accompanied by general disorders corresponding to  diseases of aging (andropause disease). It is indeed a disease that has a definition of its own.
As this disease is unknown, its definition is absent from all dictionaries.
The expression "androgenic disease of andropause" is also suitable for this concept published in January 1988

History of andropause disease
Life maintenance system

A foundation of life maintenance system

Health in XXIst century
Andropause disease in short  (powerpoint) logo powerpoint