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Prostate cancer

How to understand your disease of aging : ageless man

Andropause disease with androgens stabilize the prostate.

Ageless Man

Testosterone therapy in hypogonadal men does not increase the risk of prostate cancer


PSA and Prostate cancer - errors to be avoided

Since years PSA test is used as specific marker of prostate cancer (when PSA increases also in adenoma or infection of prostate).

PSA tests are also made to follow treatments' responses.

The global mortality of prostate cancer has not been modified significantly since the begining of twenty century.

In USA they are insurers who do not refund any more detection of PSA tests for preventive diagnosis of the cancer of the prostate.m They are right,

Notwithstanding it would be interesting to know  PSA levels in each person at any age because the first stages of  cell's  transformations and increase of PSA level can be reversed with an appropriate therapy with androgens(exhaustive studies are necessary).

Many doctors have been slow to recognize that the use of PSA for screening lacks sensitivity and specificity, and cannot distinguish an aggressive from a nonaggressive cancer, thereby leading to over-diagnosis and over-treatment (Richard J Ablin).  Download ,pdf.

 Error 1:

PSA is not specific of prostate cancer. It is an activity's marker which level in the blood varies between 1 and 4 Nanograms/ml.

A simple prostate infection can elevate PSA levels. Prostate adenoma may also  regress (prostate volume and PSA) with an appropriate therapy with androgens.

Error 2 :

To believe that testosterone provokes prostate's cancerous transformation ignoring the different grades of prostate's cells.

They are 10 grades to evaluate prostate cancer known as " Gleason's grades" :

 Error 3 :

To misunderstand the balance between testosterone and dihydrotestosterone on prostate cells.

Fatal Error 4  :

Misunderstanding  errors 1 to 3 and ignoring personalized therapy and companion diagnostics in each patient


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