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How to Cure and Prevent Diseases of Aging

         2017 - 2018   

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Sooner or later, starting from forty, each man knows various disorders: general tiredness, overweight, cardiovascular troubles, sexual problems, memory losses, irritability, and tendency to depress. Often, they put these disturbances on stress and overwork.

These disorders are actually due to a natural phenomenon easy to diagnose: the progressive reduction in the production of male hormones. It is the andropause disease. To neglect this phenomenon leads to early aging and developement of psychological problems which can affect the personal life.

However, since many years, treatment of male aging exists. Thanks to suitable hormonal proportioning, it is possible to slow down aging and even to prevent it. But for lack of information or because they do not dare speak of their problems, men seldom resort to medicine.

Georges Debled MD., Associate Professor of Urology and specialist in andrology, joins together in these clear and precise book results of most recent medical research and its forty years experience on treatment and prevention of ageing diseases. He presented this topic in Dallas in 1992. Unfortunately, generally, andropause disease is only recognized, occasionally and tardily by doctors, at its end stage called Low Testosterone in old age.

But andropause disease has a commencement around forty, and sometimes before. That condition produces a pathologic fall in production of dihydrotestosterone, the strong sexual hormone produced from transformation of testosterone, and, consequently, sexual aging. With time, lack of androgens induces diabetes, high cholesterol, arterial rigidity and hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, hearing and eye troubles, nervous breakdown, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. This book explains the mechanisms of sexual aging, prostate problems, and diseases of aging since their early stages; and how to prevent them. This should be a priority for everyone who want to live a strong longevity beyond eighty.

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