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 Hopes uncovered - news as of November 23, 2016

(Senile plates) could diminish under the influence of drugs whose indication has just been abandoned. (see pdf). However, the approach consisted in treating the consequences of the disease and its causes which are listed below.

Globally, it is the family physician who is particularly qualified to prevent the causes of Alzheimer's disease, because it is the expression of a generalized aging of the organism.


Generally accepted ideas

In spite of a greater knowledge of Alzheimer's disease, many generally accepted idas still circulate on this neuro-degenerative pathology.
The Alzheimer's disease is a natural consequence of old age. False..
The Alzheimer's disease is a quite specific and incurable neuro-degenerative disease (?). Because poorly understood.

Senile plaques are deposits of amyloid substance.
One solution: prevention to avoid their constitution.
In the absence of plaques, immune treatment is not applicable.

ution: The disappointment of immune treatments pdf.       Lilly announcement

What are the pathological lesions of the brain in Alzheimer's disease?

What can be the mechanism of this degeneration?

Testosterone production decreases with age in men and women

The chain of production of androgens in humans

Recent and decisive scientific discoveries

Hopes that will not be disappointed to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Preventing and curing aging diseases




History of andropause disease
Life maintenance system

A foundation of life maintenance system

Health in XXIst century
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