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Anti aging medicine

How to understand your disease of aging : ageless man

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Ageless Man

Anti aging medicine is a medical speciality which maintain the  biological balance of the organism during aging.

Warning: The biochemical anomalies which determine the end of certain vital programs are generally detectable 20 years before the release of aging diseases. When these diseases appear there remains roughly a 20 years potential of life. It is consequently important to become aware of this phenomenon at the beginning of the biochemical decline.

At all times,  Man sought the elixir of life. One finds still today doctors who prescribe exotic herbs or mysterious potions to guarantee an eternal youth.

Health is ensured by a biological program controlled at every moment by vitamins and  trace elements which one finds in food, but also by hormones secreted by glands (testicles, suprarenals, pancreas, thyroid, pituitary gland, épiphyse).

  Since nearly forty years Georges Debled MD. continuously drew attention to the fact that the reduction in secretion of androgens decreases after forty  with as consequence the degeneration of the body leading to overweight, exual insufficiency, cardiovascular diseases and brain's involution.

A rigorous scientific study (To download: Telecom Study) showed in 1997 the association between plasmatic testosterone rate and cardiovascular risk factors in man  confirming  what Doctor Georges Debled affirmed since 1974 according to his clinical studies.

Current “scientific” studies  related to the plasmatic testosterone rate could judiciously be supplemented by the analyses of the production daily production of androgens of a given person

Prevention of aging diseases is done by taking the missing hormones in precise amounts on the basis of precise biological analyses. According to these scientific bases the doctor can then prescribe the missing hormone or hormones without danger and follow the coordinated biology during years to detect in time various insufficiencies.



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