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Prostate atrophy

How to understand your disease of aging: ageless man

Excess in  female hormones or lack of male hormones lead to prostate atrophy and premature andropause disease

Andropause disease with androgens stabilizes the prostate.

Ageless Man

Stucture prostate 

A       B         C


Patients who have fibrosis (C) or abnormal prostate musculature are often young. Disorders of micturition which they complain are skilled in the medical literature of "prostatism without prostate," which has no meaning. Many of them are accused of mind and live a real physical and psychological martyrdom. This situation is all the more deplorable. It is possible to treat this condition. In reality, these men have prostate atrophy.


Georges Debled MD. described 30 years ago an unknown syndrome:

L´hyperoestrogénie associée à la dysectasie fibreuse (ou atrophie ) de l'urètre prostatique

(Acta Urologica Belgica  47 : (3) 473-483, 1979)

Bulletins et Mémoires de la Société de Médecine de Paris : 7: 199-204, 1980

Download the original publication :

Hyperoestrogénie-atrophie de la prostate pdf

This syndrome is frequent in men with testis' varices or cryptorchidy.


Gynaecomastia, atrophy of the prostate and sexual aging in man

Urètre prostatique normal

 Endoscopic view of normal prostate (large : 1,5-2 centimeters. Color yellow)

 urètrer après résection

Endoscopic view of prostate's atrophy after resection of the diseased tissue.


endoscopie congestion sclérose

Endoscopic view of the atrophy of the prostate (diameter 3 millimeters, congestion, color red).


clérose histologie.

Histological sections demonstrate sclerosis (in green) and hyper venous vasculature of the diseased tissue. (C).

Histologie prostatique normale

Histology showing muscular fibers (in red), glands and fibrous tissue (compare with C)

Most cases of atrophy of the prostate do not present gynecomastia.

 The syndrome is the consequence of insufficient secretion of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

It affects tens of thousands of men even more.

This condition can be painful.

It also requires rebalancing hormones.

Some patients are depressed and may even attempt suicide when they feel misunderstood by physicians who were unaware of the reality of this syndrome.

With aging, the prostate becomes fibrous.

Gynécomastie bilatérale FR

Bilateral gynecomastia, prostate atrophy, and premature sexual aging in a young man.

 Warning: finasteride

Prostate atrophy produces urinary tract hypertension

Urinary tract hypertension. How to know? 

History of andropause disease
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