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Prostate diseases

How to understand your disease of aging : ageless man

Andropause disease with androgens stabilize the prostate.

Ageless man

The prostate is not a gland : the prostate is a muscular structure surrounding the portion of the urethra between the bladder neck and the sphincter  in which glands are more or less developed depending on the person. In the upper part of the structure, the muscular component dominates the glandular elements and is in continuity with the musculature of the bladder neck. (1).

Prostate atrophy is often painful. It is the consequence of lack of male hormones or increase of female hormone (2).

Prostate adenoma may be treated with male hormones after  monitoring of male hormones. This therapy must be learned by doctors.

Prostate cancer is not a hormonal disease. It is a genetical disease. Prostate cancer may develop whith anti male hormones (3)!

Prostatitis (acute or chronic)  complicates atrophy, adenoma or prostate cancer. Treatment for infection doesn't correct problems isued from atrophy, adenoma or prostate cancer. Those anomalies provoque recurent infections.


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