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Prostate is not a gland

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        La prostate n'est pas une glande.Shémas.

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There is a great misunderstanding in the literature regarding the definition of that organ. Let me say straight away that the prostate is not a gland in contrast to the succinct definition of the dictionary and some medical textbooks. What says the dictionary?

"Prostate: Exocrine  and internal gland from male organs, located around the initial portion of the urethra below the bladder and whose secretion contributes to the formation of sperm."


This definition is incorrect, it evokes only the structure of a glandular organ from which one concludes  that the prostate is a gland whose function is exclusively sexual. This idea commonly accepted is fundamentally wrong.


Correct definition of the prostate:

The prostate is a muscular structure surrounding the portion of the urethra between the bladder neck and the sphincter (A) in which glands are more or less developed depending on the person.


In the upper part of the structure, the muscular component dominates the glandular elements and is in continuity with the musculature of the bladder neck.


The function of this muscular structure is to  open of the posterior urethra when the bladder empties (B).

Mictiographie normale homme



Normal serial radiographies taken during urination show  a funnel enlargement (1,5 centimetre) of the

prostatic urethra (B). 

The normal micturition is intimately linked to the structural integrity of the prostate muscle.

 Excessive fibrosis or muscular defects explain the voiding difficulty in some patients who are not carriers of benign or malignant glandular elements.


Mictiographie sclérose do col homme


Serial radiographies taken during urination show a narrowing (3 millimetres) of the prostatic urethra when

prostate is fibrous (C). 

Patients who have fibrosis (C) or an abnormal prostate musculature are often young. Disorders of micturition whose they complain are reported in the medical literature as "prostatism without prostate", which obviously has no meaning. Many of them are accused of madness and live one long martyrdom. This situation is particularly deplorable because it is possible to cure this condition.

 In reality these men have a prostate atrophy.

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