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The life maintenance system

Ageless Man

The life maintenance system is made up of all biological factors produced by each organism to ensure its normal working.

Production of biological factors is indispensable for the maintenance of a normal physiology. They decrease with age.

 Diseases of aging  basically represent consequences of  life maintenance system failures.

The organism's glandular system is an essential part of the maintenance system both for men and for women. Glands progressively stop functioning.  

The main hormones are secreted by the ovaries, testicles, thyroid,  pancreas, pituitary and the epiphisis.

In man, male hormone secretions diminish year to year after forty (and sometimes even before).

Cells produce other hormones. The liver secretes a specific growth factor (IGF).

Kidneys secrete a hormone, erythropoietin, that causes the productione of red blood cells by the bone marrow.

Today genetic engineering  produce red corpuscules, white cells and platelets. These products will be given intravenously in vain to people who have not looked after their life maintenance system, especially from the age of forty.

 On the other hand, genetically engineered products will have a maximum effect on those who have looked after their biological system.

No one can today say what length of life will be for men and women who have looked after the life maintenance system.


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