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Delayed ejaculation

Ageless Man

Some erotic games are meant to delay as long as possible the moment of ejaculation.

In other circumstances, less happy, ejaculation is delayed by the inexperience or indifference of one or both partners,       regardless of their age. When there is nerve damage, the ejaculatory reflex is abolished or delayed.


Paraplegic after a road accident, a man had a total impotence. After many months spent with the psychiatrist where he was much discussion of the relationship he had had in early childhood with his parents and grandparents, and in desperation, he consulted a surgeon. Nerve damage was established. The surgeon placed him silicone implants in the penis. Six months later. The erection was no problem, but  ejaculation was delayed ! However, his partner did not complain.


Sexual aging causes decreased semen's secretion. The volume of ejaculate decreases gradually with time. In extreme   cases, ejaculation becomes impossible.


When a man ejaculates not much after a very long time, when the orgasm diminishes or disappears, look for the causes of sexual aging, even in young men.


The lack of male hormones and excess  of female hormones are responsible for this sexual regression. They must be corrected.


The abnormal genitourinary tract becomes easily infected  and impairmant of sexual appetite develops insidiously.



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