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Curved erection

Ageless Man

In the 21st century medicine will be personalized radically. One will recognize the singularity of everyone. It will be possible to analyze  DNA from each person and  treatment will be adapted.

Erection is curved when one of the walls of corpus cavernosum is shorter than the opposite wall. This anomaly is the result of a congenital malformation or a sclerosis of the corpus cavernosum.
Curved erection makes sometimes the sexual penetration impossible.



Congenital curved erection is the consequence of a malformation of the penis. When the dorsal side of the corpus cavernosum is more developed than the opposed side, erection is done downwards. It can be also deviated laterally when a side wall is shorter than the opposite wall.

The treatment is surgical. To correct curved erection, it is necessary to bring back the longest wall to dimensions of shortest by removing small pastilles on the more developed part.



        CURVED ERECTION PROVOQUED BY INDURATION OF CORPUS CAVERNOSUM  ( Peyronie' disease) = sclerosis and local arteriosclerosis.


Cavernographie normale   cavernographie sclérose des corps caverneux

                                                                   A                                       B


A : Radiograph of normal corpus cavernosum

B : Radiograph of induration of  corpus cavernosum


 Sclerosis of the corpus cavernosum  was described for the first time by François de la Peyronie.
The development within the penis of one or several sometimes painful indurations causes a deviation and a deformation of the penis in erection.
Why  arteries of the corpus cavernosum present  these phenomena of arteriosclerosis as well in young man as in old man?
 Vascularization of the genitals is particularly sensitive to sex hormones like the totality of the genitals.

Patients who have a sclerosis of the corpus cavernosum have generally important disturbances of sex hormones' metabolism. This fact can be controlled by
checking their male hormones.




At the beginning of the disease male hormones intake can make regress the induration completely.

When the lesions have been made up for several years, the disease can be stabilized by the
hormonal treatment.




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