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Parkinson's disease

Understanding diseases of aging: ageless woman

Errors in menopause treatment

Our movements are partly ordened by a biochemical substance, the dopamine, secreted by specialized cells from a center located in brain's base (black substance, also said locus niger).

When those cells which secretes dopamine die or are damaged, one sees appearing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's disease symptoms
Mobility symptoms Non mobility symptoms
muscular rigidity
slowness of movements
balance troublesshakings

disturbed sleep
urgencies to urinate




Parkinson's disease treatment
 It exists no curative treatment against Parkinson's disease

Dopamine treatment


Inhibitors mono amine oxydase *
Exceptional treatments
Agonists of dopamine

Dopamine (L.Dopa)

Surgical treatment (Deep cerebral stimulation)

Stem cells. (Research)

*An inhibitor of mono amine oxydase (IMAO) is a molecule which blocks the degrading dopamine  enzyme.

An old publication going back to 1974 deserves our attention. It is about a clinical study evaluating the action of testosterone on  activity of mono amino oxydase in depressed patients.

Conclusion of this ststudy : Testosterone given in apropriate amounts lowers naturally the MAO (Mono amino oxydase) preventing the degradation of dopamine (1)

Mean MAO activity  (monoamine oxydase) in plasma

Before treatment

7223 ± 3740

 After treatment

1997 ± 1250 (p<0,01)

400 mgrs. testosterone cipìonate every 21 days

Effect of a treatment with testosterone on the activity of the plasmatic MAO in 7 depressed men (according to Klaiber and coll) (1)

From there the interest to study the  daily androgens' production among patients presenting a Parkinson's disease with the aim of substituting their missing androgens in order to save their production of dopamine.

1. KLAIBER E.L., BROVERMAN D.M., VOGEL W., KOBAYASHI Y. The use of steroid hormones in depression. in Psychotropic action of hormones. Proceedings of the World Cogress of biological psychiatry. Buenos Aires. Argentina, september 1974. Spectrum publications INC.