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What is andropause disease?

Conference of Georges Debled MD. on the andropause disease
at the Barnes Foundation USA,  february 25 1992
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Agelessman book

One is not in good health when the hormonal balance is broken after 40 years (and even before)

Regenerative Medicine and Artificial Intelligence


Warning :Testosterone is not convenient for early stages of androgenic disease of andropause

Testosterone Lawsuit June 2018

Testosterone Lawsuits 2019

Lawsuits and ignorance

It must be understood that the prevention of diseases of aging begins around forty, before their appearance.
Prevention begins here.


Sexual aging
Andropause disease Sexual problems Prostate diseases Hypogonadism
History of andropause disease
Normal erection  Prostate structure Definition
Definition Weak erection Prostate atrophy Treatment
Premature andropause Curved erection Prostate adenoma Treatment errors
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Normal ejaculation

Prostate cancer
Treatment Premature ejaculation PSA
Hormonal check up Delayed ejaculation Dangerous treatment Hair loss
Pool of androgens Long term treatment with androgens Warning:Finasteride

Andropause disease conclusion
Andropause disease in short  (powerpoint) logo powerpoint

General aging
It must be understood that the prevention of the diseases of aging begins around forty before their appearance.
Prevention begins here.
Hormones for man Hemodynamics

Cardiovascular diseases

Osteoarticular diseases
Testosterone Arteriosclerose Cardiovascular risk factors Arthrosis
Dihydrotestosterone Atherosclerose Heart infarct Rheumatoid arthritis
Mesterolone Hypertension Coronary disease Osteoporosis
Tyroxin Hyper coagulation Statines' risk Muscular weakness
Cortisone Varix - Hemorroides Obesity Brain diseases
DHEA Thrombosis Silouhette

Nervous depression

Growth Hormone (GH) Anemia

Maturity onset diabetes

Parkinson's disease
Renal failure Gangrene Skin atrophy Demencia
Urinary tract hypertension Respiratory impairment   Alzheimer's disease
Vision troubles      
Testosterone Dihydrotestosterone Mesterolone Thyroxin
DHEA Cortisone Growth Hormone  
Aging control
Fatty acids oxidizing stress Study of telomeres Hormones
Precautions with
Finasteride drugs Statines DHEA Growth hormone (GH)
Health in XXIst century
Testosterone and metabolism Life maintenance system

A foundation of life maintenance system

Diseases of aging Anti aging medicine Aging control Our ideas
Andropause disease in short  (powerpoint) logo powerpoint

After forty, and sometimes even before, the biological program is automatically destroyed until death, about 80 years on average,

 and causes the diseases of aging.

 Ageless man explains how to correct one of the main, if not the first, causes of this destruction.

This cause is measurable and can be corrected, avoiding aging disaster



Androgenic disease of andropause

explaining details of the treatment
will be published next

This is your first step to prevent your diseases of aging

 October 5, 2019

SEMAL Congress Seville